One of my top priorities as Delegate will be to protect and create jobs. I will work to expand an already effective strategy of using the Port of Baltimore as a base to grow employment in our District.

As your Delegate, I will be an aggressive proponent for bringing new businesses and more job opportunities to the Sparrows Point as well as to all of southeastern Baltimore County.


I am committed to help restore water clarity to the creeks and rivers and help promote water restoration practices in our neighborhoods. We need to form working partnerships with community and resident leaders to find fairer ways to reduce runoff to local creeks, rivers and the Bay.


As a career public safety officer, I will be a leading supporter of much-needed law enforcement legislation that deals effectively with family law- protective orders, domestic violence, crimes committed in the presence of minors, gang related crimes, human trafficking, crimes threatening mass violence, work place bullying, texting while driving in accidents resulting in death or serious injury and the presence of deadly weapons on public and private school property.